The game Auto Chess originally appeared as a mod for Dota 2. Now the developers of the popular autobattler have announced a mobile MOBA with characters from their project.

The developers announced this on Twitter.

Auto Chess was originally developed by Drodo Studio in early 2019 as a mod for Dota 2, which in turn was based on a modification for WarCraft 3. Then the studio, together with Dragonest, released a separate game without using assets from the original.

The success of Auto Chess has led to an increase in the popularity of autobuttlers and the emergence of imitators from larger companies. Valve released Dota Underlords, and Riot Games celebrated Teamfight Tactics. After the announcement of the MOBA from Drodo Studios, the circle, in fact, closed.

“Auto Chess has become so popular in the world that it has ceased to be just a game that is fun to play. It allowed us to create a new genre of competitive games, which became known as “autobattlers”. Auto Chess has given us back the confidence that we can create competitive projects, so I think it’s time to return to MOBA,” said Loring Lee, head of Dragonest publishing.

The developers have not yet revealed the details of the upcoming project, but it is being created with an eye on iOS and Android. Online users are already joking that Dota 2 will finally have a mobile version.