Supercell has started issuing licenses for its brands to teams in which it had previously invested. A few days ago, a new project in the Boom Beach universe was released in softlonch. It is made by Space Ape Games, a British studio known for Clash of Clans clones.

Boom Beach: Frontlines is an isometric team shooter. The key feature of the project is the fights of 9 to 9 players. Users are divided into teams. The task is to destroy the enemy’s base. In the event of a player’s death, he can choose another fighter from his roster during respawn. Fighters are pumped between battles.

As part of a strategic partnership with Supercell, we were able to work closely with the Boom Beach team. We fell in love with the franchise and were looking forward to being able to test the game on it with users. So far we have developed only the basic gameplay of Boom Beach: Frontlines, but later we will also add social elements to it.

Nick Mansdorf

Head of the game

The game will be in a closed alpha test until June 21. It will be attended by 15 thousand users: 10 thousand from Europe, and another 5 thousand from the USA. After the softlonch, the game will be released on iOS and Android.

The release of the original Boom Beach took place seven years ago. According to App Magic, the game has earned $574 million since 2015, and its peak monthly revenue at the best of times exceeded $30 million. For the last three years, the project has been earning an average of $1.6 million per month.

Supercell invested in Space Ape Games in 2017. As a result of the deal, the Finns got 62% of the British studio for $ 55.8 million. Then the companies assured that in the future they plan to work independently of each other.

In total, during the existence of Space Ape Games has released four games, three of which are clones of Clash of Clans. Today, over 55 million people have played in them. All together, they earn less today than the original Boom Beach.