Monster Hunter Rise has every chance to become a new big hit in a series of games about hunting fantastic creatures. Despite the initial exclusivity for the Nintendo Switch, shipments of the title exceeded 5 million copies in just a week.

Capcom announced the achievement on its official website. According to the publisher, the success of Monster Hunter Rise was influenced by positive ratings, the release of two demos, as well as new gameplay mechanics.

One of these features are “prutozhuki” (Wirebugs), which allow you to move through the air and take monsters under control. Palamutes, new companions and assistants have also been added to the game.

In the first three days alone, Monster Hunter Rise sold 4 million copies (this includes cartridge shipments and digital sales). As Benji-Sales analyst notes, this is “an incredible result for an exclusive game that is only available on one platform.”

Monster Hunter Rise is currently only available on the Nintendo Switch. However, in 2022, Capcom plans to release a PC version of the game.

The series, whose history began in 2004, has been traditionally popular in Japan. However, after the success of Monster Hunter: World, Western players also fell in love with it. As of December 31, 2020, the total circulation of the franchise’s games has reached 66 million copies sold.