The cooperative action platformer It Takes Two, even though it lost the lead in the Steam chart, shows good sales dynamics. The total circulation of the game exceeded 1 million copies — it took her a little less than a month.Hazelight Studios announced this on Twitter.

The developers noted that It Takes Two continues to sell well, and at the same time thank all the fans.

“It shows that there are players in the world who also want to play only cooperative games. Thank you all, I hope we will see many more such projects,” wrote the game director and screenwriter of the project, Josef Fares.

The game received high marks from the press and users. The project supports only the cooperative mode, however, to play together, it is enough to purchase one copy and share it with a friend.

It is worth noting that A Way Out, the previous project of Hazelight Studios, showed the best dynamics at the start. The game was released on March 23, 2018 and sold 1 million copies in two weeks. In January 2021, almost three years after the release, sales exceeded 3.5 million copies.