Roblox managed to partially settle the scandal related to the illegal use of songs on the site. The company has announced a collaboration with BMG, the fourth largest music label in the world. Together they plan to help artists look for a new audience and opportunities for promos.Details of the transaction, including financial ones, were not disclosed.

The official press release states that the collaboration will “bring BMG’s vision to the Roblox metaverse.”

“Our partnership with BMG will allow them to do what they do best — give incredible talents new ways to attract the attention of fans and create new innovative commercial opportunities,” said John Vlassopoulos, vice president of Roblox music direction.

The gaming company notes that a strategic agreement was reached as part of the settlement of claims related to the use of songs by BMG artists in Roblox. What exactly the cooperation will consist of is still unknown.

Last week, a number of music labels accused the playground of copyright infringement and demanded damages in the amount of $200 million. Roblox itself has stated that it is ready for trial. It is worth noting that one of the main plaintiffs was the major label Universal Music, about which nothing is said in the new press release. Perhaps the companies have not yet reached an agreement, or Roblox has not yet publicly announced a settlement of the conflict.

BMG is a major music publisher owned by the media company Bertelsmann. The label was relaunched in 2008, and before that, Sony Music had been its partial owner for a long time.

BMG collaborates with artists such as Bruno Mars, Cypress Hill, Fergie, Kylie Minogue, Bring Me The Horizon, John Legend, Lenny Kravitz, Bloc Party, André 3000 and many others.