The other day DeNA announced the release of Star Wars: Galactic Defense. The game will be another in the extensive list of titles based on “Star Wars”. Good news for fans of the franchise – Star Wars: Galactic Defense promises the appearance of Boba Fett.


Judging by the trailer, the new project from DeNa is made in the genre of tower defense. The user must set up their towers along the trail and destroy the enemy forces; the player will need to take the side of the Empire or the Rebels. The title captures the events of both the prequel and the original Star Wars trilogy, so the choice of units will be rich, regardless of which side the player prefers. 


The advantage in battle can be obtained at the expense of additional characters, as in the game Kingdom Rush. Apparently, Boba Fett will appear at this stage. The creators of Star Wars: Galactic Defense promise that the game will have the opportunity to bring a platoon of Millennial Falcons into battle (at this point, any fan writes a title to the must-play list).

The game Star Wars: Galactic Defense will be shareware. The release date is still unknown. 

Recall that recently games based on the franchise have been released in the genres of RTS (Star Wars: Commander) and card battler (Star Wars Assault Team). After the release of Star Wars: Galactic Defense, it seems to us that only the Star Wars games in the Flappy Bird setting will remain.

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