Genshin Impact fans make a huge amount of content on the game. Now, miHoYo has released official guidelines for the creation and sale of fan products, including merchandise and other paraphernalia. At the same time, producers of small batches do not even need to notify the studio about their work.miHoYo told more about the rules on Tuesday at the Genshin Impact community forum.

The studio clarified that fan works should not violate applicable laws, the rights of third parties and damage the reputation of miHoYo. It is also impossible to register secondary content as a trademark.

Otherwise, the rules turned out to be quite democratic:

  • Fan groups are not required to notify miHoYo of their activities if the number of products sold does not exceed 200 units (and 500 units for individual individuals);players can freely sell fan comics, short stories and novels — while it is important to comply with the applicable laws of the countries in which such products are produced;
  • you can not mark fan attributes as original products by Genshin Impact or products made by official partners — the buyer must clearly understand that this is a fan product;
  • it is necessary to obtain a license for the manufacture and sale of figurines and toys;
  • it is forbidden to forge original products by Genshin Impact and use materials from the game without changes (for example, T-shirts with screenshots and art can only be given to friends, but not sold);
  • At the same time, miHoYo itself will not take royalties for permitted fan paraphernalia.
  • When applying for content licensing, the following information must be provided: the applicant’s full name, product category, certificate of own rights to secondary content (for example, painted art), description of attributes, names of characters and method of sale.

Such a move by miHoYo was warmly received by Genshin Impact fans. Some even called the studio “anti-Nintendo“, recalling the numerous cases of blocking fan content from the Japanese company.