PUBG developers decided to follow in the footsteps of CD PROJEKT and create a “Korean The Witcher“. This is how Krafton described a new project that will be based on the series of Korean fantasy novels “The Bird that Drinks Tears”.

Concept art games from Krafton

This was reported by PlayerIGN insider with reference to the Krafton press conference.

According to PlayerIGN, the developers are going to make a single-player RPG in the style of dark fantasy. How close to the novels the plot of the game will unfold is still unknown.

The first book in the series was published in 2003. In the world of the “Bird that Drinks Tears”, as in many fantasy worlds, other races live in addition to humans. But these are not the usual elves or dwarves, but nagas, lekons and dokkaebi who came from eastern legends. In the universe of “Birds” there are also plant-like dragons, giant eagles and huge flying fish.

Krafton also wants to make a movie and release comics within this universe. In a similar way, CD PROJEKT with The Witcher had previously arrived, which is why the developers called their future creation the Korean equivalent of this franchise.

The company has already attracted Hollywood concept artist Ian McCaig to work on the game. He created the image of many characters from Star Wars, including Darth Maul and Queen Amidala. He also participated in the creation of “Interview with a Vampire”, the first “Avengers” and the second part of “Terminator”.

Separately, during a press conference, Krafton announced the development of two more PUBG games: a project codenamed Titan and PUBG Cowboy.