The authors of the NoClip channel traced the entire development path of Hades — from the release of the game in early access to production difficulties and the release of the full version. Recently, the final part of the project was released, the total timekeeping of which now exceeds four hours.

NoClip started working on a film about Hades in 2018, when Supergiant Games was just preparing for the announcement of the game at The Game Awards and the release of the project in early access.

The sixth part of the documentary project Developing Hell (a play on words — Development Hell / how Hell was developed) is dedicated to the release of version 1.0, first estimates, award nominations and the consequences of the launch.

In the previous series, it is described in detail not only about all stages of the creation of Hades (gameplay mechanics, plot, music, etc.), but also about the creative path of Supergiant Games, the history of the studio and its principles of operation. The first series of the project also has Russian subtitles.