IO Interactive reported on the first successes of Hitman 3. The completion of the new trilogy about Agent 47 became a hit and fully recouped the development costs in less than seven days.About this publication Gamesindustry.

biz was told by the CEO of the studio Hakan Abrak (Hakan Abrak). The approximate budget of Hitman 3 and its initial sales are still unknown.

“As a developer and publisher, we are proud to say that Hitman 3 is already making a profit. We recouped the full development cost in less than a week. This puts us in an advantageous position and allows us to move forward with confidence in the implementation of our ambitious plans for future projects,” Abrak said.

Hitman 3 received high press ratings and became the first game in the series to be self-published by IO Interactive. According to Abrak, independence has benefited the studio. This allowed the development and publishing departments to work closely with each other at all stages and focus on the quality of the product.

“Our community is used to the fact that we set a really high quality bar and give users an unforgettable experience. That is why we adhere to these principles not only when developing Hitman, but also when creating future projects,” said Abrak.

One of these projects will be Project 007, the upcoming James Bond game. The other day, the head of IO Interactive announced plans to double the staff and hinted that the title could be the beginning of a new trilogy.