EA Mobile together with EA Sports have released FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on mobile devices.


In the new version of the popular franchise, players will be able to collect and buy their favorite football stars, thus creating a “dream team”.


At the beginning of the game, the user chooses one of the four basic commands. Then he needs to decide whether to lead the players himself, or join a match simulation in which the players on both sides are controlled by AI. In the second option, the user commands his players only when he considers it necessary.

The creators of Ultimate Team claim that in both cases the outcome of the match will depend only on the user.

Let’s add that in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, the user will be able to choose from 10,000 players belonging to 500 licensed teams. The matches will be held at 30 different stadiums.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a free game. It is already available for download in the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.

Source: http://www.insidemobileapps.com

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