At the end of August, the Star Wars Commander game, one of the largest games in the franchise under the Disney label, was released on iOS. Players can choose whether to join the Rebels or choose the Dark Side. Our compatriots and the countries of the former CIS are on the side of the Empire.


According to Disney statistics, more people succumbed to the gloomy charm of the Empire in general than good, but insipid rebels. We will not ask ourselves whether the black leather cloak or the conservative totalitarianism of Darth Vader is to blame, but the fact remains: in Russia and the USA, users confidently choose the Dark Side of the Force. Even in seemingly harmless Japan, more than half dream of becoming Dark Jedi (do you also think there is something fetishistic in the form of storm troopers and red lightsabers?). Germany is also for the Empire. Here we are not surprised (Poland sends greetings). 


Despite the fact that the game is free, as almost always in such cases, the user is offered many opportunities to contribute to the victory of Light or Darkness – for money, of course.

It’s hard to say whether it’s the merit of the game itself or the Star Wars brand, but by September 11, the title, available on iOS and iPad, had already been downloaded 5 million times.

And which side would you choose?