A few months ago, we already talked about the fact that an impressive crossover is waiting for us: Angy Birds were going to release a game with transformers. And finally, the softlatch of the title took place in New Zealand.


The mechanics of the game are different from what we are used to seeing in franchise games. Angry Birds Transformers is an endless runner where birds stylized as transformers shoot at enemies in the background. In the process, they transform from robots into machines, just like their antagonists are pigs.

Along with the trailer of the game , Rovio released a small cartoon in the nostalgic style of the original transformers and a series of toys .

It is expected that the game will be free and will launch on iOS on October 15, and on Android two weeks later – for everyone except New Zealand. There the title can be downloaded now.

Source: http://toucharcade.com

Rovio Entertainment Ltd. or Rovio is a Finnish computer game developer. The company has been in existence since 2003. It first appeared on the market as a mobile game development studio Relude, in 2005 it was renamed Rovio. It is best known for the Angry Birds game franchise.