Zynga has launched a new version of its hit Zynga Poker on mobile devices.


The Zynga Poker game has been successfully playing on the mobile application market for a long time. However, the developers decided to restart the project. The updated version, according to the authors of the game, was created “from scratch” and now it has only rules in common with the prototype.

The changes affected, first of all, the appearance of the game: the developers decided to abandon the “cartoon” graphics in favor of a realistic design. The audio track was recorded in the hall of a real casino.

According to Barry Cottle, vice president of the company, the application was created with the direct participation of users and taking into account their preferences.

We add that the game can already be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play worldwide.


Zynga is a pioneer company in the social gaming market. It was founded in 2007. Osovny capital earned on Texas Hold’em Poker (now Zynga Poker). In 2008, she collected investments of $29 million, which allowed her to acquire MyMiniLife, which at that time had just completed the Farmville time manager. In 2011, Zynga successfully entered the IPO, raising more than $1 billion during the placement of shares. Then the company continued its policy of acquiring promising companies. This led to a severe drop in income. As a result, in the summer of 2014, the founder of the company, Mark Pincus, resigned as CEO, giving way to the former head of Microsoft’s entertainment division, Don Mattrick.