Today was the release of Little Nightmares 2, a continuation of the platformer of the same name with elements of horror. The profile press praises the game for the atmosphere and outstanding sound, while noticing a number of shortcomings. Now the average score of Little Nightmares 2 on Metacritic is 82/100.About the game

Little Nightmares 2 is a game by the Swedish studio Tarsier Studios, which previously collaborated with Sony and at the beginning of its journey was responsible for the DLC for LittleBigPlanet and the development of the third part of the series.

At the end of 2019, the company was acquired by Embracer Group holding, and the publisher of the Little Nightmares series is Bandai Namco.

The second part of Little Nightmares largely develops the ideas of the 2017 project, focusing on a beautiful visual series and puzzles, and also adds a new Mono character. The game is positioned as a continuation, but in its ending there are hints that Tarsier still made a plot prequel of the original project.

Opinions of criticsThe highest score of Little Nightmares 2 was given only by the DarkStation edition, praising Tarsier Studios for the sound design and development of the original ideas.

Little Nightmares II is largely based on the ideas of the first part, developing the existing setting, design and gameplay. Improvements are noticeable in absolutely all aspects of the game. Her setting is both creepy and beautiful, and I hope to see more Tarsier Studios projects in the future.— DarkStation.

Most of the scores range from 8-9 points.

Critics praise the atmosphere, visual style and staging of Little Nightmares 2.

This is a sequel that skillfully withstands a shocking and creepy atmosphere. The details and elaboration of the locations are frighteningly plausible, and the monsters in the game are diabolical and otherworldly. This is an exciting, brutal game with dark humor, in which I would like to stay longer.— VGC

The game scares even more, its environment has become more diverse, and the gameplay has reached a new level.

All this creates one of the first games of 2021, which must be played. All the elements have become better in comparison with the original, and some moments seem like a real cinematic miracle, unlike anything you’ve seen before.— PlayStation Universe

A number of publications wrote less positive reviews, giving the sequel Little Nightmares 6-7 points.

The game is criticized for problems with management and narrative, as well as repetitive mechanics.

When you replay individual episodes over and over again, the gameplay begins to seem excruciating. If you are not attracted to the local art direction, then sometimes you will want to quit the game.— Push Square

Reviews of Russian publications about the game are mostly positive.

Vadim Elistratov, the editor-in-chief of DTF, generally praises Little Nightmares 2, although he criticizes it for the bad fighting and the template structure of the first chapters.

If you liked the first part, and you like dark platformers from Playdead, then it’s definitely worth taking the continuation of “little nightmares”. The sequel in some ways turned out to be less integral than the original, due to the change of scene, but it is still worthy of attention. Although Tarsier has not yet entered the first league of the 2.5D platformer genre, it has at least got very close to it.— DTF

Igromania praises the game for the atmosphere, sound and finale, but criticizes for the incoherent plot and management.

Little Nightmares II, judging by some details, hints and speculation, is still not a sequel, but a prequel of the first part. And she looks like the older sister of the Sixth journey: more diverse, bright, with new features and locations. It’s a shame that she didn’t manage to get rid of some childhood illnesses.— Gambling addiction

Dmitry Klinsky, the editor of the World of Fiction edition, found almost no minuses in Little Nightmares 2 at all, except for a few bugs.

Little Nightmares II is an amazing horror with a beautiful story in its own way, which can be completed in one go in 5-7 hours. During this time, he does not have time to get bored, but more importantly, he always has something to surprise.— The World of Fiction