Hitman 3 was released today, and the profile press was delighted with it. Journalists praise IO Interactive for its detailed levels and variability, and some call the project the best game about Agent 47. Now the average score of Hitman 3 on Metacritic is 88/100.About the game

Hitman 3 is already the eighth game about Agent 47.

It completes the World of Assassination trilogy, which the developers relaunched the franchise in 2016.

The owners of the first two parts will be able to transfer all the maps, levels and their progress to the new game. However, it is not yet clear how this will be implemented on PC — unlike previous games, Hitman 3 is released exclusively in the Epic Games Store.

Before the release in Russia, there was also a small scandal around the game. Hitman 3 comes out without Russian localization and even subtitles, which many players did not like. However, this is due to the fact that IO Interactive is publishing the project independently this time.

Opinions of criticsThe VG247 edition gave the game the highest score.

The author praises the polished mechanics and looks forward to how IO Interactive will be able to show itself in the James Bond game.

Separately, Hitman 3 is of high value, offering a wide variety and many activities. If we consider this game together with the rest, then “The World of Contract Killings” is undoubtedly one of the best and most integral trilogies in the history of video games.— VG247

Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat also rated the game 5/5.

The author praises the mechanics and how Hitman 3 rewards players for various actions.

Hitman is a world consisting entirely of Chekhov guns. The brain explodes from searching for options on how to get Agent 47 to pull the trigger.— GamesBeat

IGN praises Hitman 3 for its high variability and huge maps, sharpened for multiple playthroughs.

According to the publication, this is one of the best games in the franchise in its entire 20-year history.

Fundamentally, the game has not changed since 2016, but the outstanding cards make the game an exquisite, strong and sturdy conclusion to the modern Hitman trilogy. It may seem to you that six cards is not enough. But each of them is huge and designed for repeated passage. However, even in this case, you are unlikely to discover all the creative and unexpected ways of killing.— IGN

The author of PC Gamer calls Hitman 3 “an outstanding stealth game” and puts it 9/10.

In his opinion, it is best revealed together with the previous two parts, the levels of which can now be played with new gadgets and weapons.

This is definitely one of the best PC games. If I were writing a review for the entire trilogy, I would raise the final score by a few points. But even apart from the previous parts, Hitman 3 is an amazing game and the perfect swan song for Agent 47.— PC Gamer

Despite mostly rave reviews, there were also those among the critics who found a lot of flaws in Hitman 3.

The lowest ratings (7/10 and 3.5/5) were given Comicbook.com and Stevior.

I enjoyed playing it, but my hopes for improving the mechanics in the new iteration were not fulfilled. The core gameplay has remained exactly the same as always. The series simply does not keep up with the times, and the developers’ only attempt to change the formula in Hitman: Absolution was very poorly received by the players.— Stevior

Hitman 3 was well received in the Russian press.

Igromania rated the game 4 points out of 5, praising the project for its variability and excellent levels. However, the publication notes that developers should move on and offer players a new formula.

Hitman 3 completes the trilogy with dignity, having not changed a bit in the five years since the relaunch. So far, developers are able to maintain interest through a variety of levels, but next time such a focus may not work. The series needs to move forward.— Gambling addiction

Artemy Kotov from DTF admits that Hitman 3 is difficult to evaluate in isolation from the last two parts.

Together with them, he calls the trilogy “the best game about Agent 47”, even if not perfect, and at the same time praises the developers for abandoning unnecessary mechanics of game services.

Despite all the financial problems, IO Interactive gave us an AAA game in an almost dead genre. A game that in total consists of 20 huge, detailed levels that you want to go through several times to get the most out of them.— DTF

Kanobu gave the game 9 points.

The author scolds the “empty” plot, but praises Hitman 3 for replayability, worked-out levels and the variety that appeared in the original conditions and goals on missions.

Despite the weak plot, Hitman 3 is still an amazing and very important game for IO Interactive. No one works like that in the genre with the design of locations, and Hitman itself is a unique story, there is simply no other such stealth action.— Kanobu