Square Enix is releasing another spin-off of Final Fantasy. In the new project, the characters will fight with the power of words.


Square Enix has apparently decided to prove that swords and magic are yesterday. In the mobile title of the developer World Wide Words, the user will save the world using a virtual keyboard.

This is not the only original idea of Square Enix: we have already seen how in the previous spin-off of the famous franchise, the characters fought with melodies. The project, which is being prepared for release, will involve the same heroes of Final Fantasy as in Theatrhythm.

The authors themselves call the game a “text RPG”.

The release of the title on Android in Japan will take place on September 16; the release on iOS is expected in the near future.

Source: http://venturebeat.com

Square Enix is a video game developer and publisher from Japan. Known primarily for the Final Fantasy series of games.