A few days ago, a turn-based strategy with an open world Metro 2033 Wars from DaSuppaStudios studio appeared in the AppStore and Google Play. The mobile game is based on the book by Dmitry Glukhovsky “Metro 2033”.metro

The plot outline of the game is as follows: the escalated conflict between the two world superpowers led to the exchange of nuclear strikes. Those who escaped into the underground tunnels of the metro managed to survive. The pitiful remnants of humanity – several thousand – are struggling for existence with aggressive animals and plants that have mutated under the influence of radiation. In addition, the survivors are fighting an internecine war for resources. The 1410288335_screenshot_2014-09-09-22-47-50game resembles a Fallout – atmosphere and setting, but in the scenery of the domestic subway, such as it would look after the apocalypse. The user, under whose command there are detachments of mercenary soldiers, repels the attacks of mutants, and also captures the necessary resources and takes unexplored metro stations with him. In addition, according to the official press release of the game, you can try yourself as a diplomat and establish mutually beneficial relations with neighbors that will contribute to the prosperity of the commune. We add that the player is also promised more than 40 active stations on a scalable map, a large selection of buildings and structures, three-dimensional turn-based battles with opponents at 4 locations.   The source of the photo in the title: http://hd4desktop.com