Yesterday it became known that 1C Entertainment will release King’s Bounty II in partnership with Koch Media. We asked Nikolai Baryshnikov to comment on the decision to publish the long-awaited project not on his own.

The German-Austrian company Deep Silver, which is part of Koch Media, will be fully responsible for the publication of King’s Bounty II. According to the press release, the publisher will take over the worldwide distribution of the project and all related activities.

The main point in this situation is that 1C has its own publishing house. Among some of the most famous released games are Ancestors Legacy and Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones.

We asked the company to comment on the reason why it is publishing a new game in partnership with Koch Media. Nikolay Baryshnikov, CEO of 1C Entertainment, answers.

Nikolay Baryshnikov

CEO of 1C Entertainment

King’s Bounty II is a continuation of the role—playing game of the same name, which after its release in 2007 gained great popularity in Russia and CIS countries. If Katauri Interactive was responsible for the development of the first part, then the sequel is being created by 1C Game Studios.

The release of King’s Bounty II is scheduled for March 2021. The project itself will be very different from its predecessor: the exploration of the world will take place from a third person, but the battles themselves will still be step-by-step.

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