One of the co-founders left the Finnish Supercell. Mikko Kodisoja left the company, remaining on its board of directors.

Kodisoya told about his departure on his Facebook account. His last day at Supercell was June 26.

It follows from his words that he is also leaving the gaming industry. Kodisoya made it clear that he would not look for work in other gaming companies. Some time ago, he moved away from game development and began to “explore new storytelling methods.”

This happened last August, writes Pocket Gamer. Then the studio canceled the unannounced game. Supercell is known for giving up prototypes quite easily — sometimes even at the soft launch stage.

Perhaps it was the cancellation of one of the titles that became the reason why Kodisoya no longer wants to work on games. But it is not known for sure. He is currently engaged in other business projects, including cooperation with We-Foundation and Cinematic Ltd.

Creative Director Mikko Kodisoya was one of the six founders of Supercell. The studio says that he made a “key contribution to building a corporate culture.”

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