Training resource Unity has become free forever. The authors of the engine gave free access to 350 hours of Unity Learn Premium content in connection with the coronavirus.

Unity Learn Premium has been publicly available since March as a trial period. During this time, the content was viewed by more than 320 thousand people. Initially, Unity planned to make the offer temporary. Now the resources have become free for an unlimited period.

According to the company’s statement, the pandemic has complicated employment, including in the IT sector. Therefore, Unity Technologies provides an opportunity to quickly improve the skills of both amateurs and Unity professionals. They will be able to develop their skills from intermediate to advanced level.

You can get access via this link.

Recall that Unity Learn Premium is a platform for learning 3D development in real time. It was first introduced almost a year ago. Online courses with Unity experts are available to users, as well as tutorials dedicated to creating applications – gaming and non-gaming.

Previously, a subscription to Unity Learn Premium cost $15 per month.

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