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Freedom of choice: the authors of AntiSquad Tactics offered users two versions of the game — free-to-play and premium without IAPAfter not the most successful sales of the free-to-play AntiSquad Tactics project, the developers from the InsGames studio took an unexpected step:

they brought a paid version of the game to the market without IAP, but at the same time they left a free version of the game with micropayments in the stores.Why are mobile marketing prices rising?

Eric Benjamin Seufert, a leading marketer at Wooga, shared his thoughts on who we should thank for the high prices for mobile advertising.

Swrve: 0.13% of players are responsible for 60% of revenue from mobile games

The analytical company Swrve shared a sad report, according to which there are few paying players, and among them there are even fewer who pay well.Every third American plays mobile games

A third of Americans aged 13 and older play games on their smartphones, tablets and portable gaming devices, according to research by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).