On October 23, the Generative AI For Business SF’23 business conference was held in San Francisco, dedicated to trends in the field of generative artificial intelligence. Its guests were representatives of companies such as Google, Amazon Web Services, Scenario, Confident AI, Layer.ai and NetEase.

According to the organizers from WN Media Group, 309 people from 273 companies took part in the event.

The majority of companies present at Generative AI For Business are engaged in the development of AI tools (37%) and the implementation of AI solutions (30%).

Distribution of participating companies by specialization (one company may have several specializations)

As for the representatives of the companies themselves, 89% of them are top managers. 6% of the participants of the event called themselves game developers. Another 3% of the guests noted that they are engaged in marketing and PR, the same number attributed themselves to the field of business development and sales.

Distribution of guests by specialty

More than 20 speakers spoke at Generative AI For Business. Among them were IT blogger and former Microsoft evangelist Robert Scoble, venture investor from Lightspeed Venture Partners Moritz Baier-Lentz, CEO of Scenario Emmanuel de Maistre, Chief Product Officer at Luma AI Barkley Dai, and also co-founder Layer.ai Burcu Ozcengiz (Burcu Ozcengiz).

They discussed topics such as the impact of generative AI on game development, storytelling and working with 3D graphics, the massive introduction of large language models (LLM) and the potential regulation of AI.

GenerativeAI for Business SF’23 is the second event of WN Media Group, which focuses on the integration of neural networks and AI into business processes. In June, the company held AI For Business, held as part of the WN Istanbul’23 conference.

Below are some photos from GenerativeAI for Business SF’23.