Last week, WN Media Group held two American conferences at once — the offline WN Seattle`21 and the digital WN North America Online`21. For the company, they were the first events in the USA. We tell you how it went.

What happened?

Conferences were held almost all week. On November 15-19, WN North America Online`21 was held, and on November 16-17, an event in Seattle was held in tandem with it.

A total of 37 performances were held as part of the events. The conferences were attended by companies such as Google, Niko Partners, Pocket Gems, Yield Guild Game, CVCapital, Miniclip, AudioMob, Playrix, MY.GAMES and many others.

Both events were devoted mainly to the gaming market of North America. The participants discussed the current state of affairs in the industry.

For example, what ways to monetize mobile games have appeared recently, what needs to be done to create a scalable financial model of the company and how to build processes when working with game services. There were also reports on metaverses and NFT.

The Asian market was also discussed at WN North America Online`21. For example, Lisa Hanson from Niko Partners told what foreign companies need to do in order to enter it, and Sue Huang from GameVision explained the fundamental difference in the visual of Western and Asian games.

It was possible to track the performances online on the WN Hub platform (they were also broadcast on the pages ). By the way, a little later they will be available for viewing to everyone.

“Organizing the American WN Conference was not an easy task. But this is not the first time this year we are launching events in new regions. In the spring, we successfully held a conference in China and do not intend to stop,” commented Yulia Lebedeva, Executive Director and partner of WN Media Group.

What will happen next?

WN Media Group plans to hold two more WN Conferences in winter:

We also remind you that a conference for Talents In Games specialists will be held in Moscow on December 13-14.