A little more than a month ago, Gismart projects overcame the milestone of a billion total downloads. A few days ago, a Belarusian-British publisher announced that in honor of this event, he released the first NFT collection.

The company named the festive collection BillionPeeps and placed it on the OpenSea platform. In total, the line includes 10 thousand exclusive NFTs, of which 360 Gismart has already randomly distributed to its employees — one token each. According to the company, in the future all new employees will also receive one token as part of the benefit package.

Some Gismart employees have already put their NFTs up for auction. Judging by the BillionPeeps page on OpenSea, 1.5 ETH ($4.28 thousand) is now being asked for the cheapest token, and 99999 ETH ($285.9 million) is being asked for the most expensive one. However, we note that at the time of writing the news, the most expensive token was ready to buy for $ 70.

The BillionPeeps collection will be presented in the new Gismart NFT game. What is the name of this game is not reported, but it is known that its release is scheduled for next year. Token holders will receive privileges in the game. For example, they will be among the first to be able to participate in events and gain access to valuable in-game items. An annual lottery and other exclusive events will also be held for them.

Gismart was founded in 2013. In addition to games, the company operates music and entertainment mobile applications. In total, her portfolio includes over 50 products, the most famous of which are Body Race, Pencil Rush, Foil Turning 3D, Beat Maker Go and Piano.