Based on the AppMagic database, App2Top editors have prepared a report on the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games in March.

The most downloaded games in March

The free games chart has hardly changed in a month. The leader of the top iOS games for the fourth time in a row was the Chinese Eggy Party (蛋仔派对) from NetEase. She has 7.5 million downloads in March. Subway Surfers once again topped the top Android games with 20.9 million downloads.

The only novelty in the charts was DIY Paper Doll.

DIY Paper Doll

Publisher: CrazyLabs

Description: another variation of the stylist simulator. Its distinctive feature is that players pick up clothes and make up a paper doll. A doll dressed up goes to classes at the university, meets with friends, and then writes about what happened to her during the day in a diary.

DIY Paper DollTotal downloads for March: 11.6 million;

  • Android downloads: 10.8 million;
  • iOS downloads: 811 thousand.

Also note the appearance in the free top:

  • Going Balls is a hyper—casual project from Supersonic Studios in which players control a ball rolling down a roller coaster. During the month, Going Balls collected 15.6 million downloads.
  • budget action Indian Bikes Driving 3D. The developers compare it with GTA, and visually the title really resembles Rockstar projects, but the gameplay in it is much simpler. Indian Bikes Driving 3D is more like a driving simulator of various vehicles from motorcycles to helicopters, which added the ability to shoot. In March, Indian Bikes Driving 3D was downloaded 11.4 million times.

The highest-grossing games in March

There were no significant changes in the box office chart either. It is worth paying attention to the return to the top ten of the most earning projects of the month Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (ウマ娘 プリリテーーーーーービー). This is a game about horse girls competing at the racetrack, created based on the popular anime in Japan. In March, it earned $65.3 million, despite the fact that it is officially available only in Asia.

Uma Musume: Pretty DerbyHonor of Kings, which topped the overall top and top iOS games, earned $106.7 million in March.

The revenue of the Android top leader Candy Crush Saga amounted to $88.9 million.