By the end of June Together with AppMagic, I have prepared a report on the most popular and earning mobile games in the world.

The most downloaded games of the month

The June top in installations was headed by Bridge Race, a game from Supersonic Studios in which users build bridges out of colored blocks at speed. The title gets to the top of the rating for the second time. Previously, he managed to achieve this in April. This time it scored 35.3 million downloads: 31.8 million on Google Play and 3.4 million on the App Store.

In June, there were three new games among the most downloaded. About them — below.

Count Masters

The game from Freepla y has been in stores for the fourth month. This is a runner. In it, players need to bring as many little men as possible to the finish line. During the race, they meet amplifiers that increase the number of little men. But there are also obstacles on the way: spikes, enemy teams and failures.

At the end of the month:

  • ranked 1st in iOS downloads — 13.4 million;
  • ranked 1st in downloads on Google Play — 34.4 million;
  • ranked 2nd in downloads on both platforms — 47.7 million .

Important: in the overall top, Count Masters was lower than Bridge Race, since different companies are listed as the publisher of Count Masters on iOS and Google Play. Formally, AppMagic counted Count Masters not as one game, but as two, so it did not sum up the downloads in the general top.

Fat 2 Fit!

Another runner, but from the French publisher VOODOO. An athlete overcomes the obstacle course in it. Whether she will be able to reach the finish line depends on what kind of food she will pick up as she moves along the track. There are two products to choose from: burgers or cucumbers. With each burger, the athlete gets fatter, with each cucumber, she loses weight.

At the end of the month:

  • ranked 3rd in iOS downloads — 5.4 million;
  • ranked 7th in terms of downloads on Google Play — 14.4 million;
  • ranked 7th in downloads on both platforms — 19.8 million .

Mole’s World (摩尔庄园)

The new iOS version of the Chinese browser game Mole Manor, released in 2008. This is a simulator in which users play as a mole farmer. In the game you can take care of the garden, equip the house and communicate with other moles.

At the end of the month , the game took 2nd place in terms of downloads on iOS — 5.5 million .

The highest-grossing games of the month

The Asian Games are firmly established in the box office top. In June, PUBG Mobile earned the most money on both platforms ($123 million). The main game of the month on iOS was Honor of Kings with revenue of $98.3, and the most monetary title on Google Play was Lineage M ($71 million).

Also, two new items were added to the top at once. Mole’s World ranked 10th in revenue on iOS, earning $36.4 million. And the role-playing MMO Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds with revenue of $ 50 million got the 7th place in Google Play.