By the end of July Together with AppMagic, I have prepared a report on the most popular and earning mobile games in the world.

The most downloaded games of the month

Stumble Guys became the undisputed leader of July in terms of the number of downloads. This is a clone of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout from Finnish developers from Kitka Games. A month earlier, he already led the overall top, but now he took first place in the tops separately for Android and iOS games. In total, Stumble Guys downloaded 45.6 million times in July.

This time, four new items got into the chart, three of which were published by Chinese companies.

Hair Tattoo

This is a barber simulator published by Azur Games. The gameplay here is quite simple. The user needs to cut, dye or style the client’s hair so that he is satisfied. If the player makes a mistake, he risks not getting paid for the work.

At the end of the month:

  • ranked 9th in total downloads — 14 million;
  • ranked 8th in terms of downloads on Android — 13.3 million .

Arena Breakout (暗区突围)

On July 13, Tencent released Arena Breakout in China, a militaristic MMO shooter that bloggers today compare to Escape from Tarkov.

At the end of the month:

  • ranked 5th in iOS downloads — 3.9 million .

Chinese version of Diablo Immortal (暗黑破坏神:不朽)

At the end of July, the Chinese authorities allowed NetEase to publish Diablo Immortal in China. This happened a month later than planned. As NetEase itself stated, it postponed the release in order to improve the optimization in the game. But according to rumors, the company had to postpone the release of Diablo Immortal after a post appeared on the project’s official Weibo account criticizing Chinese President Xi Jinping.

At the end of the month:

  • ranked 9th in iOS downloads — 2.68 million .

Carrot Defense 4 (保卫萝卜4)

On June 30, Beijing Kai Luo Tian Xia Technology Co. released a new part of the carrot game in the Tower Defense genre. It is necessary to protect the carrot from rabbits.

At the end of the month:

  • ranked 10th in iOS downloads — 2.63 million .

The highest-grossing games of the month

In July, Candy Crush Saga once again became the highest-grossing game on Android, earning a total of $106.9 million for the month (of which $58.3 million on Google Play). The first place in the top on iOS and in the overall top was again taken by Honor of Kings, whose revenue for the month amounted to $ 168.3 million.

From the unexpected: Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, released in 2015, broke into the chart. In a month, the fighting game has risen by 70 lines in the overall top, taking 8th place. It is also located on the 8th and 9th lines of the Android and iOS tops, respectively. In July, he earned $59.89 million.