The Epic Games team talked about what 2020 was like for its digital store. The report contains detailed statistics with business indicators and a few plans for this year. Spoiler: Weekly game giveaways will continue in 2021.


  • By the end of last year, the number of registered Epic Games Store users exceeded 160 million people.
  • The DAU of the platform amounted to 31.3 million players — 192% more than it was in 2019.
  • The platform’s MAU increased to 56 million players in December 2020. At the same time a year earlier, the number of monthly active users was only 32 million.
  • The peak of online reached the mark of 13 million people. For comparison, in 2019, the maximum online did not exceed 7 million users.
  • Over the year, gamers have played about 5.7 billion hours in the Epic Games Store. This is 70% more than it was in 2019 — 3.35 billion hours.


  • Stora users spent more than $700 million in 2020. However, this amount does not take into account, for example, coupons that gamers could use when buying games.
  • Only $265 million of the total amount went to the titles of third-party gaming companies. Everything else went to the projects of Epic itself.

Games and Downloads

  • In 2020, 281 new games appeared in the Epic Games Store library. As a result, 471 titles became available to gamers at once, whereas in 2019 there were no more than 190 of them.
  • 103 new games totaling $ 2.4 thousand have already managed to participate in the hands on the Epic platform.
  • During these giveaways, users took titles for free more than 749 million times.

Other numbers

  • The number of Epic Games Store subscribers on social networks has grown significantly. Instagram is the strongest — by 137% (only 5.5 million subscribers). Facebook also showed good growth rates — 70% (1.1 million subscribers). Twitter closes the top three — 20% (4.1 million subscribers).

  • The number of countries and territories represented by the authors is now 235. The authors’ codes for purchases in the store were used 4.2 million times last year.

The most popular games

  • The top ten most popular games of 2020 included both the projects of Epic (Fortnite) itself and other studios. Note that the titles are placed in the list in random order.

Plans for 2021

The Epic team intends to upgrade some of the platform’s features. She is currently working on four main areas:

  • Improving the wishlist;
  • Recycling of social functions;
  • Progress;
  • Player profiles.

Also, the owners of the store confirmed that they are really going to continue to arrange weekly free giveaways of games.